Outer Northern Refugee Health Network Service Directory

The Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership on behalf of the Outer Northern Refugee Health Network is proud to present you with this resource.

The Directory is about:

1. Developing an updated and collated directory of local specialist and mainstream refugee support services with clear information in order to better streamline referrals for refugee and asylum seekers in the local and surrounding areas.

It has been designed to give easy, accessible information on services and to be a quick reference guide of the range of services refugee or asylum seeker clients may be referred.

2. The process of bringing together local specialist and mainstream refugee services from across the outer northern metropolitan region to establish the Network and build a Service Directory, has been a vital partnership development ‘journey ‘ for all members. This process of working together on the Directory has given rise to greater opportunities for dialogue across services and for strengthening shared ideas for future action between local workers and community.

The Directory comprises of an Introduction and Background section, a Quick Reference Guide and a Services Directory.

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